Pirate Captain Vader

This was done for the Brainstorm Facebook group. I had to re-design Darth Vader, so I decided to do a pirate captain. I took influences from Chinese armour.


Recent or forgotten work

In an attempt to keep my blog up-to date, I thought I should upload some recent work I simply forgot to upload. I hope you enjoy viewing.



Obsidian Worlds RPG Character Work

Happy new year! I'm now a full-time freelancer, so I thought I'd post some character work I did for an RPG project called Obsidian World to start things off. I was tasked with designing and illustrating the 12 classes of the world. It was very enjoyable, and I learnt a lot about painting and designing characters from it. So much so, that I've changed the way I create characters now. 

Here's a link to the RPG's website: www.obsidianworld.com

Thanks for looking. I'll try and keep the blog a bit more up to date, and with lots of new work.



Dark Age: The Awakening Cover

For my personal project: Dark Age


Dark Age Demon Warrior

A demon warrior for my personal project: Dark Age


Summoner - Dark Age

Just something I've been working on for my personal project: Dark Age. I hope you like it.


Some recent and fairly recent work I forgot to upload

Hi guys. Been very busy with work and a few freelance projects, so I haven't found much time to do personal work and upload it. Here are some recent paintings I forgot to share. Thanks for looking.


My first published artwork

I recently painted a piece for a book called The Fantasy Illustration Library - Lands and Legends. I had a choice of a lot of different subjects, so I chose The Grim Reaper. Here's the result:

Here are a few shots of the book itself:

The book has limited copies, so if you want one, you can go here:

I hope you like the painting. Thanks for looking!


New Facebook Page

Hi guys. I've just created a new Facebook page for all my artwork and updates. Feel free to follow and share, and thanks for your support!



Wise One - Daily Spitpaint

Draw Crowd

I'm loving the new Draw Crowd site from Feng Zhu. Here's a link to my profile if you want to take a look. Cheers.



First art dump of 2014

Here are some recent and some fairly recent paintings I've forgot to upload. I spent the day improving some of them. Thanks for looking.

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